Artist Statement I weave large installations as an exploration of the physical universe. Humans live somewhere in between the vastness of galaxies and the minute collisions of atomic particles. My artwork investigates the extremes of the macrocosm and microcosm through works of a grand scale achieved by the laborious process of hand weaving sewing thread. Complex numbering systems are used when organizing the thousands of threads in each piece. This secret sequencing reads as a visual rhythm, my own language of numerical codes. An echo of the sublime resonates in the contemplative space encircling each piece. Vibrant colours in simple compositions create a hazy coloured atmosphere that is surging with motion. The threads cling together emphasizing the air surrounding the fine lines; the work is more of space than matter. Such translucent fabric arouses the illusion of it slowly emerging into being or dissolving away. The work is so light that the gentle breeze of a person walking past causes it to quiver; activated, it seems alive. Standing many times the height of a person, each piece unites with the architecture, becoming an additional wall. The hundreds of lines forming its structure create a momentum that rushes past the ends of the piece, visually cutting through the limitations of floor and ceiling. These expansive planes continue the search of the Supremist and the Russian Constructivists for the pure expression of the plane in space. They also join the contemporary dialog of the Deconstructivists. Not simply from the manipulation of the woven grid, but by accentuating the dual nature of walls as both reliable and ephemeral.
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